The insurance in any of its modalities, gives the contracting party peace of mind when an unexpected situation occurs, which demands investment of resources, immediately. We are a specialist in some types of insurance, which allows us to advise you, before hiring insurance and if you need to use it, when an unexpected situation arises.



  • Doctors and care centers available and nearby.
  • Reduced costs of medical attention and hospitalization.
  • Reduced consultation and study costs.
  • Reduced cost of prescription drugs.
  • Reduce monthly premium costs.
Requirements to apply for Health Insurance
Social Security
Identification ID
Home Address



  • Rest assured in case of death or disability of the insured
  • Protection of loved ones and family assets.
Requirement to apply for life Insurance
Identification ID
Social Security
Medical History



  • Direct payment to the insured.
  • The coverage includes accidents to the contractor and his family.
  • Shot time to request and receive payment for the accident.
  • Simple collections, when applied for reimbursement by accident.
Requirements to Apply for accident insurance
Personal Information
Work and income data
Requirement to apply for payment after an accident
Fill the application.
Accident report.
Applicant's Medical Report



  • Direct payment to the beneficiary, after the baby is born.
  • Peace of mind for the mother, for having the first months to take care of the baby.
Requirements to apply for Childbirth Insurance
Fill the application.
Waiting time for pregnancy 4 months, after contracting the insurance
Requirements to apply for payment , after delivery.
Fill the application.
Medical Notification of Delivery.